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Au Contrarienne™ [userpic]

Dreamwidth, LJ TOS & Politics

April 7th, 2017 (10:02 pm)

Y'all know that I virtually never post, but what you may not know is that I have LJ open daily so that I can read those individuals and groups that I follow. Long ago, I got a Dreamwidth account, which I haven't used. I will use it now, at least to read, if people abandon LJ. I would love to find you there or be found so that I can do just that.



Posted by: Venerable Lady Musiquephan Mad Hope of End (musiquephan)
Posted at: April 8th, 2017 11:19 am (UTC)

Found you! And added/subscribed!

I want to explore some of the communities over there. Just to see if there are some more active than the ones over here.

Almost all of my communities have been abandoned here, save for a few.


Posted by: Au Contrarienne™ (yardlong)
Posted at: April 8th, 2017 04:51 pm (UTC)

Great! I hope for good and active communities there too.

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